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Beginner’s Guide: A Tip for Creating Social Media Content

Do you want to create content for your social media platform or blog, but don’t know where to start?  One simple resource you can use to be inspired, is the calendar!

Here are a couple benefits of using a calendar for inspiration and/or specific content:

  • Someone has already thought of the topic, take advantage of it!
  • Joining in with trending topic can increase your possibility for new followers.
  • Using a holiday or celebration doesn’t have to be literal – don’t be afraid to stretch your imagination.
  • By using “topics” that others may also use, studying popular hashtags will maximize your content’s reach.
  • By incorporating an idea/topic/event/date, you may integrate something you may not normally use… helping to you know your audience better and seeking out new thoughts/ideas.
Remember, building a social market is about using creative, consistent content to engage an online audience.  Although you want to remain within your brand and voice when creating content, experimenting with content allows you the chance to relate and communicate with varying, potential, and hopefully growing, audiences!!  –  Darla, The Social Market, LLC

Where can you find time-sensitive content ideas?  Check out my top five picks:

  1. Days of the Year
  2. Holiday Insights
  3. Time and Date
  4. National Calendar
  5. Check I Day

This is one tip beginners can use for creating content.  Do you have a favorite resource for calendar-related content that wasn’t listed here?  I’d love for you to share!

Until next time, have a great day… no matter what day it may be!!


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Time to Make the Donuts

This morning, I read the following Facebook post from a friend.  I had to share it with you (after asking their permission, of course)!!

Wendy’s post…


“This is how our kids learn about common pop culture references from our day…

B: (rolling out of bed) “Time to make the doughnuts.”

M: (walking into our room and overhearing) “Doughnuts??”

B: “Yes. Just google ‘time to make the doughnuts’.”

M: (Less than a minute later, reading from his phone in a sarcastic, but enthusiastic, tone.)  “Meaning, ‘to start work’. From the Dunkin Doughnuts, where the man who makes the doughnuts would state, ‘Time to make the doughnuts’ when leaving home for work to make the doughnuts.”

I laughed out loud hearing him! Fun little blast from the past given to my boy today.”

– Ben and Wendy Bruce


Each morning, roll out of bed. Have a positive attitude. Be ready to face the world. And, always be sure there is “time to make the donuts”. You never know who you will inspire!!


Thanks for sharing this fun convo, Wendy!!!


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Image:  If this image is not Creative Commons, please email me at and I will promptly remove it… otherwise, thanks for the inspiration, Michael Vale!!

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What I Learned at the Allergist’s Office

Today, I was at the allergist’s office with my daughter – we go two times a week for her allergy shots.  By now, we have gotten pretty accustom to the routine, the office, the staff and typical occurrences that happen on any given afternoon.

Well, this afternoon [as we were waiting out our 30-minute reaction period after she received her shot], a new allergy patient came in.  It was evident the family (or at least the younger siblings) were new because of their fascination with the office.  One of the young siblings caught my attention as he looked around the room.

I can only imagine the waiting room looked much more expansive and exciting to a five year old that it does to me, because he was pretty much excited about everything he saw and was very vocal about it.  HA!  (It was very cute.)

As this boy looked around, he became very excited and said, “Mommy, look!!!  They have a library!! Can I go in that library?”  Well, I wasn’t expecting to hear that… and, I wasn’t sure where he was seeing a library.  But it actually sounded like a fun idea!  Then his mother replied, “That’s not a library.  That is where they keep the records of the patients who come to see the doctor.”  Hey!  I had never looked at it that way…  but, the records room could totally look like a library.  

Although noticeable disappointed, the boy began seeking out other new discoveries he could make in his new surroundings and I left a little more cheerful thanks to the perception that child had.  He had no reason to believe there was not a library full of picture books and fairy tales at the allergist office —- but, what he wished and hoped for grew potential out of what reality really was.  He was innocently hopeful and a bit creative.

What did I learn from a five year old boy in the allergist office??  

  • To resist the reactions I may often have to my common surroundings, tasks, problems and successes.
  • To resist becoming stagnant or allergic to my normal.
  • To resist becoming blind or hesitant towards what’s possible.

Who knows?  I may quite possibly could find a library of potential waiting for me!!



  • What projects could you have gotten done today, if you had a similar outlook to your business as the boy had in the waiting room?
  • What outcome(s) could have been changed with an encounter with a client, if you thought bigger than normal?
  • What dreams do you have that you ignore, that you can’t see them anymore?


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