What a day!

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY "Enjoy your 3-day weekend and remember why you have it." Skip Frances @SocialMarketLLC @ImbeddedMogul @DarlaDHancock


TIM – Week 4

The Imbedded Mogul reporting on the BizWorks Center Start Smart program week 4 - financials for small business and start-ups.

TIM – Week 1

WEEK 1: The Model Canvas. What is that? Well, I'm glad you asked! It is much like a business plan, but the process allows you to continually reevaluate as you develop and grow your business. He said, "No business plan survives the first contact with a customer." So, the benefit of the Model Canvas, is that it is flexible and changeable... #StartSmart @bizworkscenter @imbeddedmogul @darladhancock