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Take a Learning Leap

This morning I came across this quote…

“I am defeated, and know it, if I meet any human being from whom I find myself unable to learn anything.”

…although I didn’t remember this exact quote, this is something I tell my kids ALL the time.  It goes right alongside the “b-word”… BORED!  (Bored is a “bad word” in my house.)  If one of my children say, “I’m bored,” I ask them, “Well, who’s responsible for that?”

In almost any situation in life, whether personally or professionally, we are our own teachers and deciders of what we determine to be important and what we decide is important to learn from.

There is a story about a woman who once advised a new employee and she said, “Fifty percent of the people in this organization will teach you what to do and the other fifty percent what not to do.  It’s your challenge to figure out which percent goes with which person.”

On this Leap Day, what is something that you can learn?  Learn to do or learn not to do -that is the question!


Quote via God’s Little Devotional Book, Honor Books, © 1996

Image courtesy of Andrew Werdan

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My thought about thinking thoughts

This morning I was thinking…

I was thinking about the pros & cons of being a creative thinker and this is what I came to realize (although, I believe I have always thought it, just haven’t been able to put it into words):

“The downside to thinking outside the box is reinventing it.”

I know that a box and a wheel are not the same thing – they have different functions entirely.  But, the the two expressions, “thinking outside of the box” and “reinventing the wheel” in an ironic way, are uniquely related.

Here is what I thought…

PRO:  When you think about it, everything that has been man-made throughout history, had to be invented initially with a concept that evolved from a creative thought.  Now, I haven’t thought “out of the box” enough to create a light bulb or a car for the first time ever in history; but in my own right, creative thinking that creates an outstanding wordplay for a client or a highly re-tweeted image is still a product that only I can create. If I wouldn’t have allowed myself the freedom of thought in the first place, I would not have come up with a redeemable insight, the step in a brainstorming process that allows someone else to create something bigger that either of us could have done individually or a different perspective for communicating.  New ideas and concepts are true gifts!

CON:   I suppose time and effort are lost when the thought system of creativity leads to an unusable (or already used) product, concept or tool.  I suppose if I think of something that has been thought of before and is an established idea, system or product, I’m on the right track, right?  Maybe reinventing the wheel isn’t such a bad thing, maybe the only thing that makes reinventing the wheel a downside to the creative process is stopping the process of creativity altogether.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a creative or someone who simply enjoys reading random blogs, I challenge you to never stop thinking creative thoughts… you never know where they may take you!